Ammon Customs Center

Customs Office Ammon Customs Center
Type of Customs Office Free private area
Location of Customs Office
  • General Administration - Amman - Aboalanda - Al Enmaa Craft City
  • The free market for the sale of diplomats: Amman between the fourth and fifth roundabout
Further Information
  • Phone / Fax:4160697 (06) Center Manager
  • Free Market Phone:5206666
  • E-mail :
Most Important Customs Services
  • Supervise the procedures related to the deposit and removal of goods from and to the Center and discharge the data received
  • It checks the outgoing documents to the centers as well as the customs data
  • Auditing the restrictions of Jordan Duty Free Company
  • Supervision of sales and control of the free market - Jabal Amman