Article 5:1:

a. The Customs Department shall perform its function within customs zone and customs territories. Its powers may also extend over the kingdoms territories and territorial waters within the conditions set forth herein.

b. b. In its endeavor to perform its functions and to simplify and facilitate customs procedures, the Customs Department may use means of technology, information automation, risk management methods and customs intelligence to collect and analyze information in accordance with the approved international standards.

Article 6:

Customs Houses and check points shall be established and canceled by a decision from the Minister promulgated in the official gazette.

Article 7:

Terms of reference of Customs Houses and business hours thereof shall be specified by an order from the director.

Article 8:

Subject to the provisions of the special articles relating to examination and inspection of goods, performing customs procedures shall only be permitted at the competent customs centers in accordance with the provisions of the previous article.


1 This paragraph was added pursuant to Article (2) of the amending Law No. (33) of 2018