Service charge

Article 160:

A. Goods placed in yards and warehouses of the Customs Department shall be subject to the charges of storage, handling, insurance and other services needed for the storing and the examination of the goods. However, storage charges shall not, in any way, exceed 50 per cent of the estimated value of the goods. In the event such warehouses are administered by other agencies, they may collect such charges according to the provisions and rates specified in this connection.

B. The goods may be subject to the services charges of packing, buttoning, sealing, analysis, stamping and all the other services rendered thereto.

C. The charges prescribed in this Article, the terms of collection thereof, cases of reducing them or exempting them and the values of the publications offered by the Customs Department shall be identified via directives from the Minister promulgated in the Official Gazette.

Article 161:

The following charges shall be collected from the owners of the goods for the services provided by the employees of the Customs Department and the other agencies with whom they work:

1. 2 0/000 of the value of goods imported and sold locally, provided that this allowance is not less than (50) JDs and not more than (500) dinars.

2. (50) JDs for each Customs declaration (transit) or re-export.

3. (30) JDs for each Export Customs declaration.

4. (7) JDs for each passenger’s personal effects Customs declaration.28

B- The Council of Ministers, upon recommendation from the Minister, may exclude any goods from payment of the above mentioned charges.

C- The Council of Ministers, upon recommendation from the Minister, may set the charges levied on an overtime work done for working shops, factories and vessels and any other work carried out outside the customs zone.

D- Charges collected under this Article shall be paid to the eligible officers prescribed in paragraph (A) of this Article in the manner agreed by the Minister. The remaining sums are deposited in a special fund for the Customs Department. The Minister or whomever he authorizes may spend sums from the deposited money to improve the customs houses, establish housing compounds and housing loans for customs officers, as well as improving employees well-fair, sport, cultural and social standards.

Charges and Fees

Article 162:

Duties and charges prescribed in Articles 160 and 161 shall not fall under the rules of duties exemption or duties refund referenced in this law.

Fees and Taxes Payment Documents

Article 163:

Upon their request, stakeholders shall be given receipts confirming their payment of customs duties and taxes or the completion of any formalities or documents allowing goods transport, circulation, or possession. A fee of one Jordanian dinars per document shall apply and within the terms set by the Director.


28This paragraph was amended pursuant to Article (28) of the amending Law No. (33) of 2018