Judicial Customs police

Article 171:

A. In the course of their duties, the employees of the Customs Department shall be deemed members of the judicial Customs police, within the limits of their powers prescribed by this law or any other legislation.34

B. Upon their appointment, the Director shall provide the Customs Department's officers with service authorizations which they must keep during duty and present upon request.

Provision of assistance to Customs officers

Article 172:

The civil and military authorities and public security forces shall provide every possible help to the Customs Department's officers when asked for during duty. The Customs Department must also provide assistance to the other Departments.

Permission to carry weapons

Article 173:35

Customs officers shall be allowed to carry and use weapons. A by-law shall be issued for the purpose of specifying the Customs judicial officers who are permitted to carry and use weapons.

Trust and Uniforms

Article 174:36

A. the Customs judicial officer whose service is terminated for any reason whatsoever, shall immediately return any authorizations, records and equipment in his trust to his direct supervisor.

B. works of judicial Customs officers, uniforms, ranks and badges shall be organized in accordance with a by-law issued pursuant to the provisions of this Law.

C. Customs judicial officers who die during their duties shall be considered martyrs and shall be granted the same rights prescribed to the martyrs of the security agencies.

Confidentiality of documents and information

Article 175:

A. Anyone who performs his official duties to execute the provisions of this law shall consider all documents, information and data, as well as any other information relating to this Law or the execution of its provisions as sealed and confidential, and shall be handled accordingly.

B. The Customs Department may exchange information with Ministries, government agencies and official bodies for the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this Law and other Laws in effect.


34 This paragraph was amended pursuant to Article (34) of the amending Law No. (33) of 2018

35 This article was amended pursuant to Article (35) of the amending Law No. (33) of 2018

36This article was amended pursuant to Article (36) of the amending Law No. (33) of 2018