• Anti-Corruption & Integrity promotion Program in Customs A-CIP
  • Despite the challenges posed by the recent and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the JCD A-CIP team has committed itself to implementing the action plan developed by the WCO A-CIP team. Several meetings were held using remote work applications. The most important of which is participating in the adoption of the remote work methodology to implement the specific tasks for the first year, which represent the main task of defining the scope which includes many activities, some of which are currently being implemented

      An awareness seminar hosting 20 employees from several sites was held on October 10, 2020. The seminar was organized by experts from the WCO and Jordan customs Department (JCD) in preparation for the participation of the concerned employees in the implementation of the following activities:
    • - Educate participants and increase their awareness and understanding about anti-corruption and integrity.
    • - Educate participants about the WCO's tools to combat corruption and integrity, in addition to the current anti-corruption and integrity initiatives implemented in Jordan Customs.
    • - Motivate participants to share knowledge and awareness and consolidate the values of anti-corruption and integrity among their colleagues and work place.
    • - Empower and engage participants to be part of the next phases of the A-CIP program as internal contributors to the process of assessing the integrity needs of the Jordan Customs.
    Awareness Seminar
      JC has contributed to the WCO Integrity Newsletter on JC's experience in implementing the A_CIP program.
      A study was conducted to determine the state of play based on the 10 factors stated in the Revised Arusha Declaration (RAD) and the expected results
    • - Conducting a state of play analysis with regard to fighting corruption and promoting integrity in line with the ten key factors of the World Customs Organization's () Revised Arusha Declaration ( RAD).
    • - Identification of two priority areas to be supported under the A-CIP programme.
    • - Tracking the integrity related procedures implemented, or in the development or planning stage by the partner administration (Jordan Customs).
    • - Increasing awareness of the World Customs Organization's A-CIP program.
    • - Adopting a clear roadmap for future activities to implement two key priorities in line with the WCO Amended Arusha Declaration (RAD)
    • - Enhance the ability to monitor and implement the integrity strategy and action plan.
    • 20 employees representing different customs sites participate in the implementation of the activity. Implementation began on November 11, 2020 through meeting and remote work. It will be completed at the end of December 2020.
      An Integrity Perceptions Survey (CIPS) will be conducted within Jordan Customs to collect (baseline) data that can be used to assess the impact of the WCO's work with Jordan Customs. This survey is an important part of Jordan Customs' work with the World Customs Organization (WCO) and is a vital part of the A-CIP program. Currently, intensive preparation is underway in coordination between the JCD A-CIP team, WCO A-CIP and the implementing agency EY - Germany through its office in Amman. The survey will include employees and stakeholders from the private sector in three large and diversified customs centers (Aqaba, Amman, and Queen Alia International Airport). Implementation will commence January and February of 2021.
    Awareness Seminar