JC Director General supports assembling new committees to serve persons with disabilities

  • Posted On 17/11/2021
  • Major General Jalal Al-Qudah, the Director General of Jordan Customs Department (JC) said that the Department is in the process of expanding the scope of the services provided to people with disabilities. "This expansion will involve forming new committees in the governorates of Irbid and Aqaba to facilitate interviewing persons with disabilities who are applying for customs exemption to their vehicles". "That would relief the pressure on the current committee in Amman, facilitate access and reduce distances for interviewees", the Director General added.
    Al-Qudah's statement was made during his visit to the headquarters of the Committee of Vehicle Exemption for persons with disabilities located at Al-Wafa Club, Marka.
    During the Visit, Al-Qudah listened to a briefing by JC- Brigadeir General Raed Awwad, Head of the committee. The briefing was also attended by the Committee members, doctors from the Ministry of Health and the Royal Medical Services, in addition to a representative from the Center for Diagnostics of persons with disabilities and mental health, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Health, in addition to a representative from the Higher Council for Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
    The briefing reviewed the total number of applications submitted to JC to obtain vehicle exemptions, which amounted to (17,500) applications. Interviews for persons with disabilities commenced on Oct. 4, 2021 in the Al-Wafa Club building, which was special equipped in cooperation with the Higher Council for Rights of Persons with Disabilities. JC also receives the applications electronically as they are audited and assigned for appointments prior to deciding thereon.
    On the margin of the visit, Al-Qudah also visited the Amman Civil Airport Customs Center, Marka, during which he met officials from security agencies working there to promote further cooperation and coordination to serve the higher national interests.