JCD calls for pre-arrival declaration

  • Posted On 27/04/2022
  • Jordan Customs Department (JCD) called on importing companies and traders to pre-declare goods before they reach the territorial waters of the Kingdom. JCD said that this would contribute to saving time, effort and cost for importers, which, in turn, improves Jordan's ranking in the international competitiveness report. This would also allow JCD and control authorities to start their operations on goods before they reach the port of Aqaba, which saves them flooring and storage fees.
    The Director of the National Trade Window Operations Center, Customs Colonel Dr. Mufleh Abu Alim, said that the pre-arrival declaration authorizes the concerned party to prepare customs declaration several days before the arrival of the goods and complete it in full unless it requires physical inspection, thus facilitating trade operations and the release of goods.
    The Customs Department stressed the need for all importing companies and traders to commit to prior declaration of goods, in accordance with the provisions of the advanced processing regulations, which entail taking necessary legal actions on merchants and companies who are not committed to prior declaration of goods.