Foreword By the Director General

         I am pleased to welcome you to this new website for Jordan Customs Department. The development of this new site emanates from Department's keenness to keep abreast of technological developments in various areas, especially, those connected with elevating the level of services provided to citizens.

         Today, our world witnesses a set of drastic transformations and developments which generated social, environmental, economic and security challenges that would alter the way we think and act. Consequently, institutions need to build their visions relying on accumulative strategic and analysis-based views which would guide its future directions and expectations. It would also draw the comprehensive frameworks for an institution's plans, ventures, goals, values and priorities; hence ensuring the safety, security and well-being of their citizens, as well as securing positions for their countries in the global community.

         Therefore, we seek to realize our ambitious future vision of "Jordan ranks globally among the best twenty countries for security and facilitation of cross-border trade" through translating this vision into a set of realistic, feasible and measurable strategic goals. Such goals are accordingly directed towards creating a balance between trade facilitation and control requirements in global trade supply chain; hence, meeting the national, regional and international requirements in line with the best practices.

         Based on this approach, and under the directives and guidance of the wise Hashemite leadership, Jordan Customs has been endeavoring to strengthen its capacities and role as a major player in the security and facilitation of global trade supply chain, economic growth and the protection of society and the environment. This has been realized through undertaking numerous pioneering projects and initiatives, incorporated in its strategic plans, that have led to a substantial improvement in the Department's multi-faceted operations such as; improvement of Customs Intelligence and Risk management Systems, information and communication technologies, enhancement of Customs control and facilitation of Customs Clearance procedures.

         At the global and regional levels, Jordan Customs achievements have contributed, in large, to elevating its position among most advanced customs administrations worldwide. This is evident in the relevant international, regional and national reports and awards which commend the prestigious place Jordan Customs respectively occupies.

         The Department, in close cooperation and coordination with customs-related departments and ministries, is currently working on implementing the National Window for Trade project. The project is part of the framework of implementing the department's strategic plan which revolves around facilitating trade movement, promoting national economy, creating an attractive investment environment, and implementing a wide set of project and initiatives destined toward achieving the utmost level of transparency, integrity, facilitation and protection.

         Jordan customs, nonetheless, attaches great importance to the issue of partnership with public and private sectors. It is due to its belief that partnership, as a contemporary concept and practice, would effectively provide common solutions, and contribute to supporting the infrastructure under the scarce available recourses and the globalization parameters. Consequently, the "Golden List" program developed to promote the concept of "Facilitation for compliance", the Partnership Council between Customs and the private sector, and the single-window project were all put in place to translate our vision and perseverance.

Dr.Waddah Al-Hmoud

Dr. Abdelmajid A. AL-Rahamneh
the Director General
Jordan Customs