Foreword By the Director General

    Jordan Customs Department (JCD) is one of the oldest departments in the Kingdome. Since its establishment in 1922, JCD has kept pace with the process of growth and development in all spheres, all the way to the Renaissance era led by His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein. On this score, it has become rather an urgent necessity for all of us to adopt to an advanced customs system in light of our relentless pursuit to achieve our goals, which are part of the noble national goals. Therefore, we will continue to focus our efforts on developing performance from a comprehensive strategic perspective, as current technical advances play a vital role in achieving our objectives,

    Ladies and gentlemen, respected website visitors,

     As the Department has adopted the vision of "Jordan ranks among the top twenty countries in the world for security and facilitation of cross-border trade", this vision will continue to constitute our work charter. It is deemed a road map for our aspiration to achieve our objectives in providing distinguished customs services, while maintaining security and safety standards in light of our policy to entrench the culture of informed compliance with our stakeholders. Simultaneously, we will also continue to live up to our mission of "Creating a fair competitive environment for business, contributing to promoting the national economy, homeland security, and the safety of citizens; facilitating the trade movement by providing distinguished Customs services to stakeholders in line with the international best practices and in effective cooperation and coordination with all partners". This can never be realized without investing in our human resources, as well-trained and qualified personnel remain the core driver of sustainable development. Therefore, we will further work to build our officers' capacities and support their initiatives in anticipation of implementing modern customs procedures and eliminating restrictions and obstacles to legitimate trade movement.

     Ladies and gentlemen, respected website visitors,

   In light of our continuous endeavor to enhance the process of customs development in order to achieve our vision, JCD continues to adopt modern customs systems geared towards further facilitation and security of trade movement. These systems are designed with the view to reduce release time at the borders, utilize up-to-date standards for post-clearance customs audit, develop capabilities to analyzing x-ray images of non-intrusive x-ray inspection equipment, develop and update customs data processing system (World ASYCUDA system), enhance targeting and many others. This will ultimately enable us to reach our objectives, achieve stakeholders' satisfaction and excellence in providing customs services. As well, we are working to realize the concept of paper-free institution by expanding the application of the "National Window for Trade" through optimizing technology, electronic payment of customs duties and taxes, and developing our control system ( Customs intelligence, risk management and anti-smuggling).

     The prospects of customs development for our future vision are laid out as follows:

• Develop the institutional performance, restructure the Department, and build the judicial capacities of customs officers.

• Conduct legal and procedural amendments aimed at creating a legal and procedural framework characterized by clarity, accuracy and transparency for customs work.

• Strengthen partnership and cooperation with the business community and government institutions.

• Develop customs work utilizing the best international standards

• Strengthen and develop our technical operational capabilities.

   Our future vision represents our basic reference for drawing up and implementing our customs policies needed to move towards broader horizons of development and modernization through projects and initiatives drawn in our strategic plans for this purpose.

     Ladies and gentlemen, respected website visitors,

   In close, I like to avail myself of this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to you for contacting Jordan Customs via this website. I also wish to assure you of our full commitment to answering all your questions and inquiries through the options provided in this website, which we always strive to develop and update.

Eng. Jalal Al-Qudah

the Director General

Jordan Customs Department

Eng. Jalal Al-Qudah