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What is the percentage of stamp fees and the percentage of university fees that are charged to the award forwarding decision?
What is the subscription fee for Customs clearance training of managers and beginners?
What are the fees for the power of attorney for the employees of the clearance companies? .
What is the cost of extracting the data sheet from the statistical information section?
If the invoice and certificate of origin are authenticated by a country other than the country where the invoice and goods were originated, how can the owner recover his trust?
How do cities with embassies or consulates or diplomatic representation be identified for ratification purposes?
How is the trust for customs declaration document is collected and at what rate?
Is certification from the embassy or consulate or any diplomatic representation dependant on the distance from the city from which the goods were exported?
How long is period required for goods owner to be able to recover the trust?
Do you accept public guarantees directly from the stakeholders?
How are customs transaction records paid?
What are the procedures in some Compulsory conditions (the end of the guarantee balance / expiry date)?
What is the mechanism for adjusting fee differentials for a transaction that has been completed and has been reimbursed?
What are the procedures for changing a bank guarantee to another bank?
What are the procedures for modifying a guaranteed name with respect to bank guarantees?
What is meant by the customs declaration edit?
What are the conditions required for delegation of a private trading company representative for the first time?
What are the conditions for granting commercial companies clearance for their goods?
What documents are required for the purpose of approving a company under a new after doing the necessary modifications of legal name in the company's contract with the Ministry of Industry and Trade?
Are new applications for opening new clearance companies currently accepted?
What are transit cargo storage places?
What are the terms for clearance of transit goods?
What are the terms of the general warehouse license?
What are the terms for vehicle warehouse licensing?
Where are vehicles Trip Tickets (CPD) and the temporary stay issued and surrendered, and what are the fees incurred by issuing thereof?
Is there a need to appear annually at Jordan Customs for the purpose of renewing vehicle license for people with disabilities to obtain permission?
What is the percentage granted to exempting the disabled, and is it according to the disability percentage cited in the medical report?
Is the exemption for disabled people renewable?
How long before an exempted person can change and his/her car?
What materials are exempted for regional offices?
Are the new (unused) household furniture and electrical appliances accompanied with the Jordanian expatriate who intends to reside in the Kingdom exempted from customs duties and taxes?
How many cars can a diplomat have in his possession?
What are the allowable allowances for diplomats during one quarter?
What fees cars entered with temporary admission permits are subjected to?
What documents are required to enter a car under temporary admission status?
What are the procedures in case a vehicle is stolen?
What are the facilities granted to Arab and foreign students at Jordanian universities?
Can a car be sold inside the Kingdom and entered into Zarka free zone , and what are the procedures?
What are the conditions a vehicle must meet?
What are the conditions that must be met by a person who wishes to enter a car for the Kingdom or the client?
What are the conditions for the granting of temporary admission, and what is the ermitted period of stay in the Kingdom?
What documents should I attach when applying for fee refund?
What are the customs duties, duties and other taxes that are refunded when exporting under the fee refund system?
What are the procedures for imported and exported fabrics and leathers under the fee refund system?
Does the preparing fee refund customs declaration require a review of the Central Customs Department?
How long can a refund for imported goods be requested under the fee refund system?
Can raw materials previously imported under a placement for local consumption declaration be subjected to fee refund system?
What materials are allowed to be imported under the fee refund system?
What documents are required to benefit from the refund system?
What is the fee refund system?
What are the types of refunds, and who can benefit from fee refund system?
Terms and conditions for completing temporary admission data (manufacture and export), export data and re-export?
How could i know what are the fees on Vehicles?