• Posted on 06/01/2021
  •       "All Passengers arriving to the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan must declare cash and/or Negotiable Financial Instruments and/or Stones and/or Precious Metals over 10000 JD or equivalent in foreign currencies according to the Cross Border Declaration Form." "Filling the Cross Border Declaration Form is mandatory pursuant to Paragraph (a) of Article (20) of Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Law No.(46) for the year 2007 and the amendments thereto" "No or false declaration shal ...

    Customs frustrates the smuggling of a quantity of drugs

  • Posted on 26/04/2018
  •       Customs cadres that are working in the Anti-smuggling Directorate in cooperation and coordination with the Drug Enforcement Administration managed to control 7 Cannabis and (2000) pills of Captagon after chasing a vehicle in such area. This quantity was seized on the basis of information available to the Drug Enforcement Administration, where seizures, vehicle and the person involved in the case were reserved by the Drug Enforcement Administration for the necessary action. This comes with ...

    In cooperation with the Directorate of Civil Defense Amman Customs House Holds a training workshop on first aid and an exercise on firefighting and evacuation.

  • Posted on 11/01/2018
  •       Amman Customs House, in cooperation with the Civil Defense Department, held a training workshop on Wednesday morning about First Aid, evacuations and firefighting. The events began with some theoretical lectures provided by cadres of civil defense in Jerash Hall in the center, then there was an exercise about Firefighting and evacuation inside the customs area and warehouses. The Director of Amman Customs House ...

    Customs Department Holds two training courses for employees and representatives of ministries and government departments on the public service system

  • Posted on 11/01/2018
  •       The Customs Department held two training sessions for the Department's staff, customs houses and representatives of ministries and departments about the public service applications as an electronic service system. These courses are held to train the staff of ministries, government departments and customs officials on how to make and follow up official letters that are sent and received from and to the Customs Department electro ...

    Customs Department enrolls three new companies within the Golden List program

  • Posted on 24/12/2017
  •       Jordan Customs Department has enrolled three new companies into the Gold List program after completing the audition process and evaluating the commitment of these Companies with the Customs legislation. The three new companies are Almaysarah for plastic industry and trade, Alsanober for tissues industry and NUQUL Automotive. Enrolling these companies was after checking their commitment to the Customs security ...
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