Amman Customs Office

Customs Office Amman Customs Office
Type of Customs Office Clearance
Location of Customs Office Um Al- Hiran/ 10 Km to the South of Amman
Further Information
  • Tel: +962 6- 4772181
  • Fax:+962 6- 4772186
  • Different Warehouses are established in the Customs Office
  • One Warehouse for commodities shipped by train
Most Important Customs Services
  • Clearance of all kinds of commodities according to the Customs Status applied by the owner
  • Clearance of Jordanian exports
  • Clearance of commodities entering under Suspended Duties System
  • Re-exportation of foreign commodities bought from the local market
  • Warehousing of commodities incoming with passengers coming from border Customs Offices for clearing them
  • Issuing Temporary Admission Authorizations for foreign cars